Enjoying Theater Entertainment Network

theater entertainment network

Anyone can tell you that one of the best things about going out to see a movie is the overall experience that you have. There is nothing worse than going to a theater and having a poor experience, which could mean anything from uncomfortable seating and a limited snack option to rude staff and poor sound or picture quality. When you view a movie with the Theater Entertainment Network, you are always guaranteed to have an amazing experience that will be remembered. This is why so many people keep on coming back to these theaters time and time again.

Ultra Screen Technology

Viewing a movie will never be the same again once you have the chance to feast your eyes on the Ultra Screen® experience. This is the best way to take your movie going experience to a whole new level with a massive screen offering razor sharp picture and digital sound that is incredibly crystal clear. This movie experience is really like no other and you have the ability to feel as though you have been transported right into the middle of the big screen no matter what film you are watching. As a matter of fact, you would never be able to replicate such an experience in your own home!


Remember a time when you wished that you could combine both dinner and a movie into one great experience? Theater Entertainment Network offers such a deal with the ability to order a wide range of delicious food items during your movie watching experience. All you have to do is take advantage of our lounges or full-service restaurants and you can either have the food delivered at in-theater dining locations or pick up your food at the counter.

Reclining Dreamlounger® Seating

When you are in a theater, you want to have plenty of comfort and a whole lot of room to stretch out and feel good. Movie going with Dreamlounger® seating is something that you have to experience for yourself to believe it. Fully powered reclining seats allow you to get into position so that you can feel cozy and comfortable throughout the entire film. Not only are these leather reclining seats comfortable and spacious, but you also get the benefit of a whole lot of extra leg room in between the rows and the option of reserved seating.

Overall, the experience that you will have when you make plans to catch a new film at one of our theaters as part of the Theater Entertainment Network. Whether you are looking to catch a movie with friends or you want to see something with someone special in your life, this is a wonderful movie experience that is not to be missed. From the very moment that you sit in the seat, hear the sounds and see the sights from your comfortable recliner, you are going to understand what all of the buzz is about. This is truly a movie going experience that you will not forget and no other theater will do once you view a flick with us.